Acquisition Management


TRICARE Acquisition Directorate Support

TRICARE, the health plan of the Department of Defense, needed a team of acquisition specialists to support the procurement process for three, multi-year, regional managed care support contracts with a total value of more than $30 billion. The TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) selected Axiom to support this important work in its TRICARE Acquisition Directorate (TAD), and also to support TMA’s Office of the General Counsel (OGC).  The Axiom team supported the processing of claims by TRICARE Managed Care Support Contractors, and supported TMA’s transition from the “T-Nex” generation of health care contracts to the “T-3” generation of contracts. Axiom professionals provided support as the OGC reviewed TMA legal documents, acquisition-sensitive procurement-related packages, and health policy reviews. Two of AXIOM’s subject matter experts were recognized for their support of a successful $20 million recoupment effort, and Axiom personnel also provided key support for a successful TRICARE Enrollment Database (TED) conference in support of the Purchased Care Systems Office.


Defense Health Information Management System Acquisition Support

The TRICARE Management Activity, Defense Health Information Management System (DHIMS) is responsible for managing the acquisition, development, deployment and maintenance of the systems that comprise the military’s electronic health record (EHR). The DHIMS program office has five functional pillars (Data Sharing, Medical Situational Awareness, EHR, Blood Management and Theater Logistics, Patient Tracking and Visibility). These functional pillars include programs with high visibility and enormous scale; what might be a simple task in a smaller program office can be a daunting challenge in the DHIMS environment. For more than 13 years Axiom has applied our in-depth knowledge of the IT acquisition process under both the DoD 5000 and the Business Capability Lifecycle to provide acquisition support. This support includes developing acquisition strategies (technical and functional requirements, type of agreement, contract vehicle, and desired end product), developing acquisition packages (Statements of Work or Statements of Objectives, Independent Government Cost Estimates, Purchase Request Worksheets, and valuation requirements), supporting source selection (reviewing technical proposals, coordinating activities with the Source Selection Evaluation Board, contract preparation and administration, and vendor management). The Axiom acquisition management team develops, processes, and manages every contract acquisition package for DHIMS, approximately 150 contracting actions per year exceeding $250 million.