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TRICARE Management Activity Health Plan Integration

Axiom provides program management, executive-level health policy analysis, correspondence management, personnel management, information management, logistical, and administrative services support for the TRICARE Management Agency (TMA) Office of Health Plan Integration (HPI), and the TMA and Health Affairs (HA) Front Offices. Axiom staff evaluate all health plans operational and policy issues presented to the Chief, HPI (CHPI) for coordination and approval, to include the TRICARE program and managed care support for Military Health System (MHS) operations. Axiom supports the CHPI on all operations assigned by the Offices of the ASD (HA) and the Deputy Director, TMA. This includes direct support to the Deputy Chief; TRICARE Policy and Operations; Deputy Chief, Business Operations; Director, Acquisition Management and Support; TRICARE Regional Office West, TMA Front Office, as well as support for the MHS Governance Implementation Planning Team.  Our support includes high level interaction with the HA front office as well as the Joint Staff Surgeon’s office on a daily basis to coordinate documents, meetings, and off-sites, as well as a final recommendation to be presented to the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Axiom supported the TRICARE Regional Office (TRO) West through the arduous transition process from TNEX to the multibillion dollar T-3 contract. This included: facilitating coordination between the two managed care contractors to resolve impending issues; providing senior executive support to TRO West staff; conducting analysis in support of provider network development; facilitating Contractor Access Card (CAC)/Security Investigation Reviews; developing quality surveys to assess the readiness of the TRICARE Service Centers; developing 48 Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between the new Managed Care Support Contractor and the Military Treatment Facilities; developing a regional MOU between the new Managed Care Support Contractor and the TRO West regional office; preparing a response to over 200 Frequently Asked Questions; consolidating numerous reports; and, staffing hot issue items.


TRICARE Regional Offices

The Department of Defense maintains military hospitals and clinics around the world to provide healthcare treatment to active duty military personnel, family members, and retirees. It also has access to private sector health care providers called upon for specialized services on an as needed basis. Beginning in the mid-1990s, DoD began expanding that network to provide over nine million eligible personnel ready access to local hospitals and providers through its TRICARE Management Activity and the TRICARE healthcare benefit. With our unsurpassed expertise in providing management support to military health care programs, Axiom was invited to help establish the three TRICARE Regional Offices that were responsible for overseeing the multi-billion dollar managed care contracts awarded to private sector healthcare insurers. These firms in turn, would assemble networks of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, clinics and hospitals extending comprehensive healthcare services to all enrollees. The project required extensive knowledge of military medical databases and IT applications to ensure the seamless migration of data and records between military and civilian providers, detailed knowledge of the TRICARE benefit to ensure that the regional insurers and providers were well informed about the benefit coverage. Axiom experts established procedures to assist personnel leaving active duty to enroll in the Veterans Administration healthcare program, administrative support personnel, financial analysts, experts in HIPAA privacy requirements, and strategic communications specialists to ensure that providers, program participants, and insurers were kept well informed of program developments.

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Interagency Program Office (IPO)

Axiom professionals have supported federal health care clients—especially those in the Military Health System and the Veterans Health Administration—since our founding in 1993.

The Interagency Program Office (IPO) was established, as described on their mission statement, "To lead DoD and the VA in the development and implementation of Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) and Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) health systems." The IPO, faced with this incredibly ambitious mission and equally ambitious timelines, needed a vendor to provide corporate support at a critical point in IPO's history.

They chose Axiom.

Axiom delivered a team of consultants to provide executive secretariat, records management, executive correspondence, and action-tracking support. We placed top-tier Congressional Affairs Analysts on the IPO support team, along with experts in communications, stakeholder management, strategic messaging, and website support. Axiom leveraged its knowledge of DoD and VA health care to build our support operation for IPO's acquisition management, information management, and schedule management functions. And we placed seasoned, proven professionals in the areas of administrative, facilities/security management, and workforce management.

As IPO moves confidently in the direction of its goals, they can be assured the Axiom support team will be by their side every step of the way.