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Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program Content Management System and Website

DoD established the Computer/Electronic Accommodations (CAP) Program in 1990 to improve access to its electronic and information technologies for workers with dexterity, hearing, visual, cognitive, and communication disabilities. Since its inception, CAP has worked with Axiom and its Keymind Division to help develop tools to support the CAP mission. Our current support is focused on helping CAP provide technologies to our returning wounded Warriors during their recovery and rehabilitation process.

Keymind developed and maintains the CAP Portal, CAP's internal business application, Web site and all supporting documentation. Since the program's scope is broad and customer base is global, we designed and deployed the CAP Web site ( to include the nation's first online needs assessment tool with an integrated request form and online training, which won the President's Quality Award for Expanded E-Government. The CAP Web site helped CAP surpass its goal of delivering accommodations to 1,000 non-DOD employees in the first year of expansion, while filling nearly 3,500 requests from DOD employees. CAP has since received the Federal Technology Leadership Award and Vice President Gore's Hammer Award. By 2006, CAP had provided over 50,000 accommodations to Federal employees within DOD and 65 other agencies, and reached a milestone of more than 6,000 accommodations provided in a single year. In addition to the continuous enhancements to the CAP Portal, we also completed development of a custom content management system (CMS) which is integrated into the Portal and allows CAP staff to directly manage and administer their online presence.

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Army Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Learning Management System

The Army established the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2) Program as a long-term initiative to increase the resilience of Soldiers and Families by developing their strengths in several critical domains: emotional, social, spiritual, family, and physical. The CSF2 mission is to assess and train all Soldiers beyond the standard physical and technical abilities and to develop overall psychological strength. Every Solider undergoes an assessment of their total fitness. The results of the assessment direct individualized training, intervention, or treatment programs, as needed. This program begins at accession, and, like physical fitness, includes reassessment at appropriate intervals. The CSF2 office applies accepted methodology and scientific rigor to ensure that all training, interventions, and treatments have demonstrated effectiveness. In support of this effort, Axiom and its Keymind Division developed a web-based learning management system (LMS) to deliver web based training modules to Soldiers. These training modules are highly interactive and media rich designed to allow the learner to access training from the web and learn at their own pace. The LMS is integrated with CSF2’s assessment tool and has robust features such as course management, user management, progress tracking and reporting, multi-media support, role-based content, import tool for Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant course material, system administration functions, and customized reports. It is Section 508 compliant and Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004 conformant and ties into the Army Knowledge Online system to allow users single sign-on through a commonly used interface.