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Navy Health Research Center's Joint Trauma and Injury Prevention in Combat Initiative (JTAPIC)

Axiom has a long history of supporting studies and analyses for federal healthcare clients. Axiom currently provides senior analysts to support Bureau of Navy Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Navy Health Research Center’s Joint Trauma and Injury Prevention in Combat initiative (JTAPIC). These professionals are engaged in JTAPIC’s modeling and simulation activities, its Wounded Warriors Quality of Life program, and its Epidemiological Studies and Support efforts. As such, Axiom has acquired in-depth knowledge of and experience with the JTAPIC program elements, NHRC deployment health database, the Navy Medical Research and Development Programs, among others. The NHRC’s modeling and simulation team works within the overall structure of the “World Class Modeling” initiative, and Axiom personnel provide subject matter experts to ensure the success of the NHRC team. Other Axiom experts, working alongside BUMED personnel and other contractors, facilitate the integration of blast-related data from multiple DoD activities to better understand vulnerabilities to blast threats and to improve tactics, techniques, and procedures that can protect service personnel in combat zones. Our staff experts conduct weekly reviews of blast related data under BUMED approved IRB protocols and HIPAA requirements, code data, and support the triservice Expeditionary Medical Encounter Database (EMED).