Axiom Colleagues at the 2019 Holiday Party

Award season for film and music may be in full swing, but Axiom got a jump start before the New Year. We recognized our shining stars at our annual holiday celebration on Saturday, December 7, 2019. In honor of the new decade, Axiom started a new tradition to celebrate our staffs’ major accomplishments and outstanding performance. Axiom leadership created several awards to replace our traditional All Stars honors. So as you set your goals for 2020, look to some of these folks for inspiration, and maybe next year you’ll be lucky enough to hear your named called to come up to the stage and be cheered on by your peers.

Congratulations to the following 2019 winners!

    Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Mark Stein - Keymind
  • Peggy Cox - THP
    Most Valuable Player
  • Aimee Chapman - JTAPIC (San Diego)
  • Frances Berry - BOPMSS - Corporate Support
    Rookie of the Year
  • Sarah Pawlowski - Integrative Medicine (Nellis)
  • Shaylee Carmona - DHMS PEO
    Most Innovative Employee
  • Frances Bautista - THP (Offisite)
  • Karina Luis - AF PAO
    Exemplary Character
  • Zack Kim - Corporate Support
  • Emma Sanchez - EQIP
    Exceptional Tenure
  • Warren Hodavance - BOPMSS
    The Spirit Award
  • Dustin Ewing - THP (Aurora)
  • Anthony Huggins - DHMS PEO
  • Liza Kreh - LDD
    Customer Service Award
  • Garret Awkard - BOPMSS