Studies & Analysis

Axiom provides the finest healthcare informatics and data analysis capabilities available  to our clients including  the Department of Defense (DoD), the Military Health System (MHS) and the Military Services. Using proven methods and data expertise, our professionals provide the analytical support government  leaders need to make the right decisions. We’re helping government healthcare leaders improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of care for the ever-growing beneficiary population. Axiom professionals  bring experience that  garners results for our  clients  systems and quantitative challenges. Our team’s experience includes:

MHS Mart (M2), MHS Data Repository (MDR) & EAS IV Repository (MEPRS) Studies, Data Analysis and Application

  • Data Quality Surveillance
  • Health Care Informatics
  • Recurrent Data Processing
  • Benchmark Utilization Data (BUD)
  • Education

MILCON Economic Analyses

  • Human Capital Analyses
  • Population and Workload Analyses
  • Net Present Value Cost Analyses
  • Construction Scenarios and Alternatives

Electronic Health Record Acquisition Performance Analysis 

  • Life Cycle Benefits Evaluation
  • Information Systems Capacity Planning
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Analysis
  • Measurement & Analysis Plan
  • Organizational Performance Metrics

Published Quantitative Research Analysis

  • The Association Between Oseltamivir Use and Adverse Neuropsychiatric Outcomes Among TRICARE Beneficiaries, Ages 1-21 Diagnosed With Influenza
  • Use of Oseltamivir After Influenza Infection Is Associated with Reduced Incidence of Recurrent Adverse Cardiovascular Outcomes among MHS Beneficiaries with Prior Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Formulary Management in the DoD
  • Proton-Pump Inhibitor Utilization Associated With the Change to Non-preferred Formulary Status for Esomeprazole in the TRICARE Formulary
  • Examination of Multiple Medication Use Among TRICARE Beneficiaries Aged 65 Years and Older
  • Outpatient drug use among TRICARE beneficiaries, aged 65+ or older
  • Effects of Maternal Characteristics on Cesarean Delivery Rates among U.S. DoD Healthcare Beneficiaries
  • Effect of Managed Care Enrollment on Primary And Repeat Cesarean Rates Among U.S. DoD Health Care Beneficiaries in Military and Civilian Hospitals Worldwide
  • Effect of September 11th Terrorist Attacks on the Self-Reported Health Status of Defense Health Care Beneficiaries