Studies and Analysis Services

  • Analytics: Axiom data scientists and subject matter experts inform policy and program decisions through sophisticated data management, data integration, data analytics, data mining and predictive modeling. Our expertise in systems analysis and statistical methods, combined with our extensive knowledge of programs, policies and administrative data, enables our clients to make data-driven decision with confidence.
  • Data Science: With a wealth of data available to analyze, it can be challenging to identify and extract the most valuable information needed to solve complex problems. Axiom knows how to synthesize this complex information by using its expertise in data science to provide products clearly and simply. That is exactly what we do for our clients by implementing data science, big data solutions, data visualization, and analysis.
  • Policy Analysis: Through empirical study, our subject matter experts analyze key policies to determine if they are effective and achieving the goal or addressing the issues they are intended to fix. Our extensive knowledge of policy and focus on organizational goals and needs informs the development of our studies and analysis, allowing Axiom to maximize the power of high quality data, delivering valuable recommendations to our clients.
  • Management and Organizational Design/Evaluation: Axiom supports management and organizational design/evaluation through a variety of methods, including customer satisfaction survey analysis, performance measurement and planning, organizational performance metrics analysis, and value-based program design. We help our clients maintain organization’s goals by analyzing their objectives and ensuring they are realized.